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Mike Wye Glasscrete® is an LABC registered system

LABC represents all local authority building control teams in England and Wales. Members work cooperatively with building owners, home owners, architects, plan drawers, developers, building contractors and other professionals to ensure buildings are safe, healthy and efficient to meet the standards set by the building regulations.


We do the maths for free!

It can be complicated figuring out volumes and U-values. Just tell us what you need and we will work it out for you. We can calculate all the design information you need for your floor, thicknesses, insulation values etc using our accredited design programme. We can provide delivered quoted prices for all the components as well. And no, we don’t charge for the service. 


Glasscrete® is a breathable lime floor system using foam glass gravel as its insulating base. Foam glass is a lightweight, breathable loose lay aggregate made from 100% recycled glass. It is a viable alternative to Limecrete, but is capable of being used as a load bearing hardcore and has better lambda value (around 0.08, approximately 20% better in thermal performance than clay aggregate), so needs less depth for a similar thermal performance.

Mike Wye and Associates are UK suppliers of GEOCELL® foam glass aggregate.

Foam glass aggregate (or gravel) is versatile because of its unique light weight, load bearing, draining and insulating properties providing a sustainable replacement for conventional building materials.

Foam glass aggregate is an insulation material for underground structures that saves energy, insulates and contributes to a comfortable indoor environment. It is both economical and environmentally sound.



the large number of enclosed cells in each pellet, ensures excellent insulation characteristics. lambda = 0,08 w/mK


due to its glass cell structure, GEOCELL foam glass provides excellent compressive strength


Cellular glass is comprised of closed cells that do not absorb water. Classified as an A1 building material


stability, durability, resistance against insects and rodents


made from 100% recycled glass inert and essentially ph-neutral


Foam glass is quicker to install than conventional methods cutting construction time and cost


Example Specification

GlassCrete LABC Detail

  1. Levelled and compacted ground
  2. Layer of geotextile membrane
  3. Compacted GEOCELL foam glass
  4. Layer of geotextile membrane
  5. U/F heating pipes attached to grid
  6. Lime screed/slab: 2 parts aggregate 1 part NHL5 by volume with 20mm cork board surround; Fibratec V12 Concrete Fibres for additional reinforcement (optional)
  7. Bedding screed 20-50mm of 2 parts aggregate to 1 part NHL5 to bed choice of breathable flagstone, tile etc.
  8. Grout with 2 parts aggregate to 1 part NHL of choice for colour

GlassCrete LABC Detail 2

Installation Notes

  • The use of GEOCELL in the capillary fringe of ground water or water source areas is not recommended. Install drainage system/capillary moisture barrier if required
  • For design thicknesses greater than 300mm, placing and compaction should be undertaken in 2 or 3 separate layers


Method Statement

Glasscrete Method Statement

LABC Glasscrete Certificate

LABC Glasscrete Fact Sheet


GEOCELL Brochure


NHL brochure (PDF format)
Product sheet (PDF format)
Health and Safety Sheet (PDF format)
Technical sheet


Foam Glass Aggregate

Foam glass aggregate grain sizes range from 10mm to 60mm (10mm to 30mm is available where depth restrictions demand it). Foam Glass needs to be compacted by whacker plate if being used as flooring or foundations. You should allow up to 30% extra volume when calculating for a compacted application. If used as a loose lay in a loft or under a suspended floor, then no compaction is required.

These prices are for 10/60 aggregate. Please contact us for 10/30 if required
GEOCELL® 1 m3 2 m3 3m3 *
Ave weight 150kg 300kg 450kg
Bulk Bags £88.00 £176.00 £264.00
*Please note: 3m3 bulk bags are available only by special delivery, as they are too tall for normal delivery methods. You will also need offload capability on site.
Prices exclude VAT and delivery
Loose Loads Available direct to site up to 90m3 per load (rolling floor truck). Prices from £75/m3(ex Delivery & VAT)

Geotextile Membrane

This vapour permeable, geotextile membrane can be used for gardening or landscaping purposes. We supply it for use in a build up for breathable flooring systems. It comes in a 4.5m roll so we cut it down into linear metre lengths as required for ease of carriage.

Price per linear metre
4.5 m
  Prices exclude VAT and carriage

Secil Natural Hydraulic Lime

Secil NHLs have been available since 1891 and have made a huge contribution to the construction market in Portugal. Secil and Mike Wye & Associates have joined forces to provide Portuguese natural hydraulic limes to the UK.

We believe these will offer an excellent and cost effective option for those wanting to use powdered hydraulic limes in their work, particularly for the ever growing limecrete market where NHL5 is widely used. Secil NHL5 is fast setting and ideal for limecrete floors whether used with sand aggregates or insulating aggregate such as ‘light expanded clay aggregate’. The Secil NHL has a similar strength to the French NHLs.

NHL5 is supplied in 25 kg moisture resistant bags and due to our bulk purchasing power we can offer unbeatable prices.

(individual bag)
(full pallet)
25 kg
Prices exclude VAT and Carriage


Geocell foam glass aggregate in action: